Friday, June 5, 2009

Awakening Our Contribution

The Essenes taught their children that at the deepest core of each of us is a vital, unique expression of human evolution. The greatest drive and passion within each of us is to contribute in a way that serves the oneness within humankind, and the value of our own individual nature. They also taught that each of us is uniquely supported, both by the spiritual and the physical universes, in the expression of our talents and gifts.
These people considered that destructive forces were merely expressions of blocked energy, often impediments to the free expression of one’s passion to contribute. The apparently destructive action was merely the effort needed to get stagnant energy moving again, so that the expression of contribution could flow once again.
Everyone’s greatest passion is to contribute to human evolution. We each have unique gifts developed for this purpose. Seth suggests that when we pursue this purpose passionately, it will never betray us. The greatest desire and passion of the Inner Self is to live in a way that contributes to the growth of human evolution. Even the cells of our bodies know of this deep passion to contribute.
However, pain is the result whenever we pursue such a purpose tenuously. We often restrict this passion for fear of failure, disapproval or loss. Suppressing our feelings of passion is like suppressing our feelings of desire – our natural flow of energy gets suppressed, creating physical, mental or emotional imbalance.
There are three fundamental blocks the conscious mind creates that impede the realization of this passion: I am not capable of achieving my dreams; I am not willing to devote my life and resources to such a purpose; and I am afraid of failing.
Believed, these impediments not only block our experience of our passion to contribute, but also create illness, scarcity and death. We forget that we each not only came into this life with our unique passion to contribute intact, but with abundant capability and resources to realize it as well. It is only when pursued with tenuous commitment that our passions produce problems.
When faced with doubts about our capability to create our greatest contributions, it is wise to remember the power of commitment. At the moment of doubt, experiment with the idea of committing to trusting that you do have all that you need for your dreams, otherwise you could not have the dream! Ask your subconscious to connect with the Inner Self and ask that all energies and chemistries that block your trust of your capabilities be swept away, joyfully!
Often when believing we are not capable, or fearful that we are not up to the magnitude of our visions, we settle for accepting our lowered expectations for ourselves and then try to prove to the world we are capable. We adopt such strategies to in an attempt to avoid the pain of failing to pursue our life’s true purpose. Trying to prove that we are capable, disconnected from our deepest contribution to human evolution, is like building a house and proving that we can walk through the front door.
I commit to trusting the abundance of resources contained within my dreams to be more than I need to realize my passions.
I commit to trusting that my failures on the road to this contribution will each serve in the ultimate, perfectly balanced manifestation of my dream.
Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you, such is your power.
Our passions are the beacons that illuminate our greatest potentials! Exploring and expanding our unique potential is one of life’s greatest joys. It is also some of the most fun we can have together in Spiritual Relationships!
The discovery of our individual passion to contribute is the fundamental job of education. The pursuit of our contribution and the pains and pleasures inherent in that journey is the greatest force in human society.
Many of us believe our worth is produced by what we create in life. Some make the mistake of believing we are human doings rather than human beings; human producers rather than human creators.
We often focus solely on the idea, “What would I love to do?” which misses the point. It is not what I would love to do, but rather what can I do that gives me the greatest chance to fulfill my talents, gifts and potentials? What opportunities exist, or can be created, where can maximize my expressions of creation and love?
The question to consider when looking at our passion to contribute is, “What could I be contributing to others that allows me to give the greatest of my gifts?”
When exploring the next expression of your contribution, ask yourself, “Will this opportunity expand my freedom to love?” This question certainly clarifies any silliness about salary and benefits. Whenever we pursue the true expression of our gifts, salary and benefits are overshadowed by the joy we experience at pursuing our passion, and our oneness with life.
- Identify the ways you hide or resist your fears related to your potential. Examples include, “I justify not risking what I’m passionate about by bragging about my great salary;” or “I’m afraid of failing at my contribution, so I just ignore it”.
- Ask your subconscious to reveal any feelings of fear associated with the pursuit of your potential. Make this request as you awaken on three consecutive days. Breathe ten deep, connected breaths as you make the request.
- During this three-day period, stay alert to all feelings of fear. As they emerge in your consciousness, locate them, breathe deeply and work through the Heal-A-Hurt exercise (see the healing section on this website).

Consider the wonderful quote from Nelson Mandella, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Our potential scares us the most.
Could we look at strangers as though they were the ones who wove the cloth of our favorite shirt and trust that we are all contributing to each other?
For one day, allow yourself to consider that every though and action of each person somehow contributes to our collective reality. Notice your experience of yourself at the end of this day.
Pursuing our contribution recklessly, it will never betray us. However, when pursued tenuously, our contributions always produce pain. This speaks for the great courage it takes to be human.