Monday, September 22, 2008


Many times I have reminded clients of the adage, “Energy follows thought.” Quantum physicists and mystics readily acknowledge that all is vibration. Matter is merely energy vibrating slowly. If you accept that we each are beings with our fundamental existence outside of time and space - then consider that we each manifest a physical presence using the abundant energy that surrounds us. It is the power of our expectations, thoughts and beliefs that directs energy to manifest as our lives. Each of us is powerful beyond measure.
All energy is constructive. When it flows it manifests constructively. It is only when we block its flow that it stagnates and then manifests as imbalance. Stagnant energy seeks to recover its capacity to flow, yet when thwarted can back up and at times explode. Many such explosions appear to be painful and destructive. They are merely the last-ditch attempts of energy to restore its natural flow and movement.
Sadly, we have become complacent with stagnant energy, and do not realize that the destructive events in our lives are telling us we are blocking its flow. Our pain and conflicts are merely our own creations telling us that we are focusing our power on distorted thoughts that block the natural flow of energy.
Imagine that you can feel the energy within an experience, and then consciously direct it to flow to a higher purpose. Energy follows thought. Imagine being able to recognize stagnant energy and choosing thoughts that favorably influence energy’s apparently destructive explosions! Imagine that energy is conscious and seeks to support you in making the greatest contribution to humankind possible. This idea can be a giant advance in how you use the power of your mind.

-- excerpt from ACTS OF LOVE, ACTS OF HEALING; The Sevenfold Peace and Spiritual Relationships by Rev. Ned Wolf

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Great article Ned.